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Re: Accessing slave ldap server

1) the /etc/ldap.conf file usually is not part of the OpenLDAP software, nor is used by OpenLDAP tools unless you instruct them to do so; the default location for OpenLDAP's client configuration file is ${prefix}/etc/openldap/ldap.conf; is this the case?
I don't think so cause ${prefix}/etc/openldap/ldap.conf has
the same line (host master slave).

2) the (simple) failover mechanism of libldap implies that the hosts in
the host list are tried left to right until one succeeds.  So, provided
you put the "host" directive in the file that's actually used by your
client, the string "host master slave" will cause "slave" to be used only
in case "master" does not respond at the time the connection was initiated
(e.g. when the first operation is executed, not when ldap_init is called).
 If the server stops while the connecton is open, the library does not
automatically call another host in the list.  You need to re-init the
connection (please correct me if I'm wrong).


You're right cause I was stoping master server without "disconnect"
(killing) automount proccess from them. When I've kill autmount
ldap, the slave was connected.

Now the thread is how can I kill automount(ldap) proccess when
master does not respond anymore allowing client connect to slave?
PS: In the slave, I don't need automount cause I don't have nfs shares.