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Re: Move From Redhat 7.3 to redhat ES 3.0

* Rich Graves
| Incidentally, recent discussions here suggest that you are better
| off moving to RHEL 2.1 than ES 3.0.

Or recompile Jehan Procaccia's srpms found here:


I first tried to use the stock OpenLDAP-2.0.27 packages on an Opteron
box running RHEL3 AS for AMD64 (64bit kernel, 64bit + 32Bit userland), 
when upgrading from openldap-2.0.27-2.7.3 on Red Hat 7.2. However
slapd crashed almost immediately.

slapd (and slurpd) from Jehan's openldap-2.1.30-1 is working just
fine. (Thanks!)
The performance was not good, but when I simplified the acls that was
fixed too.

For some reason acls that gave small overhead on Red Hat 7.2 was
killing the performance on RHEL3 even if the 2.1.30 version of
OpenLDAP was used.

This should maybe be added to Faq-O-Matic?

 - Terje