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Re: Move From Redhat 7.3 to redhat ES 3.0

> It seems that the db.ldif file is not in the correct
> order to create all the objects such as OU,s etc.


If you know your ou structure, prepare a "preload.ldif" file, and slapadd
that before slapadding the other (yes, out-of-order) entries. For the
second load, you will need the "slapadd -c" option to continue after
duplicate entry errors.

If you don't know your ou structure, find out (something like
perl -ne 'print if (s/^dn: [^\,]+,//)' export.ldif|sort|uniq), or
simply slapadd -c the whole file twice if it's small.

Incidentally, recent discussions here suggest that you are better off 
moving to RHEL 2.1 than ES 3.0.
Rich Graves <rcgraves@brandeis.edu>
UNet Systems Administrator