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Re: OpenLDAP slapd replication

On Mon, 10 May 2004, Jorge Ruão wrote:

> Shoudn't the replication log file be generated even without a replica 
> host line??
> I believe that the "replogfile" line should be the one that generates 
> and updates the replication log file and that the "replica host" line is 
> only used by slurpd to know what slaves should be replicated with 
> information generated by the slapd replog file.
> Anyway, the LDAP slave machine is only configured for accepting 
> conections in port 636 ssl encrypted.

Yes, but then you must remove the tls=yes, and use a replica uri instead. 
TLS != SSL ... you can't have both of them on the same portand SSL (ldaps) 
typically runs on 636.