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Re: OpenLDAP slapd replication

Shoudn't the replication log file be generated even without a replica host line??
I believe that the "replogfile" line should be the one that generates and updates the replication log file and that the "replica host" line is only used by slurpd to know what slaves should be replicated with information generated by the slapd replog file.

Anyway, the LDAP slave machine is only configured for accepting conections in port 636 ssl encrypted.

Dave Lewney wrote:

Jorge Ruão wrote:


I've set a OpenLDAP server runing slapd daemon in a Slackware 9.1 distribution.
My salpd.conf has the following line:
replogfile /etc/openldap/master-slapd.replog

replica host=apollo.fe.up.pt:636 tls=yes
       bindmethod=simple credentials=secret

My question is that when i start slapd, and after adding a new entry and some changes, the files:
where created but both are a zero length file. No changes are introduced in those files so that slurpd can handle them to the replicate to the ldap slave host.

Any reason why slapd.replog file is not being populated with changes introduced in the server?

My thanks,
Jorge Ruão

Try port 389 instead of 636.