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performance - how to index for most performance


what do i have to index for best performance: each field or everything in a 

at the mom it looks:

index   default pres,eq
index   objectClass,uid,uidnumber,gidnumber,cn
index   mail,mailalternateaddress,mailforwardingaddress eq

my object's are:

top, person organizationalPeron, qmailUser, posixAccount, PureFTPdUser, 
hordePerson and cms

my fields are:

FTPStatus, forumStatus, displayName, uid, FTPQuotaMBytes, loginShell, 
userPassword, mailMessageStore, uidNumber, accountStatus, 
mailAlternateAddress, gidNumber, sn, homeDirectory, mail, 
mailForwardingAddress, givenName, cn, alohaStatus, ximsStatus

thx4tips :-)