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Re: OpenLDAP 2.1 (?) on RedHat Enterprise summary

> Granted, you will be serving orders of magnitude fewer searches than I
> am  catering for (our performance target is approx 10000 searches per
> minute  per server peak) , but we found RHEL3 an order of magnitude
> slower than  exactly the same hardware / configuration /software
> versions as RHEL2.1,  and RH could provide no assistance. So, RHEL3
> doesn't meet the performance  targets (and neither is it certified for
> clustering on EMC as 2.1 is).
> The performance problem was present on all the versionsofOpenLDAP we
> testedon RHEL3 (2.0.27 original RH-provided packags, our own 2.1.25 and
> 2.1.29 packages etc).

I'm quite interested in this performance issue, because what appears to us
is that RHEL3.0 performs quite better than 2.1 with threaded software in
general; can you detail on the kinds of tests you did?


Pierangelo Masarati

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