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RE: OpenLDAP 2.1 (?) on RedHat Enterprise summary

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> I'll hit these one by one, to the best of my knowledge at this time.

> > * OpenLDAP 2.1 v. 2.2 - the sense seems to be that openldap
> 2.1.30 is where
> >   I should focus my attention. Would anyone recommend that
> I jump to 2.2.11
> >   instead?
>   Many people will.  I will not.  I recommend 2.1.25 because
> that's what I am using successfully.  2.1.30 is too new for me.

Sounds like you have a pretty basic installation, and not much in the way of
session security. But even so, there's a back-ldbm indexing bug fixed in
2.1.30 that you should be aware of.

>   I am happy with ldbm so far.  I have no requirements it
> doesn't satisfy, so why should I bother with all that tuning?

Definitely use whatever works for you. Note that back-ldbm still benefits
from tuning (using dbcachesize in addition to cachesize) though.

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