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Re: Problems getting ProFTPD to play nice with OpenLDAP via TLS

At 11:33 AM 5/6/2004, you wrote:
>I posted a similar message to the proftpd lists but I'm sending it here in hopes someone here can help out as well.

Much of your post belongs on the proftpd list.

>First off, I can use the ldapsearch command on both the ldap server itself.

Okay, so OpenLDAP Software is working...

>When I was trying to get ldapsearch working with TLS, I needed to make a .ldaprc file for the user executing the command. Proftpd passes auth info to the ldap API in addition to what is in it's own config file.  
>That being said, do I need to create a .ldaprc for the user "nobody" which is the user proftpd runs as?! :/

Well, that depends likely on how exactly Proftpd is using the
API and what user it is operating under.  If proftpd is using
the API in a manner which causes a .ldaprc to be read, it
normally would be read from owning user's home directory.

>Can anyone point me in the direction of where I may have possibly gone wrong in my configs?

Well, I suggest you ask ProFTPD folks how they intended
LDAP/TLS to be configured.  If they say they intended it
to be configured through .ldaprc, then you should be able
to apply your ldapsearch(1) .ldaprc to ProFTPD.  I suggest
you try using ldapsearch(1) from within the same environment
ProFTPD is used in (same user, etc.).  Then, if ProFTPD
does work, it's likely something wrong with how you think
ProFTPD should be configured OR with ProFTPD itself (maybe
it not behaving as intended).