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Re: ACLs for a group

OpenLDAP ACL group mechanism is designed to work with
groups of directory users represented in groupOfNames or
groupOfUniqueNames objects.  ACLs have no mechanisms
which support application-specific groupings, such as
POSIX groups.


At 07:36 AM 4/30/2004, Andre Luis Fogagnoli wrote:
>I use LDAP to storage users accounts and groups, but I don't understand
>very well the rules of ACLs and I need to create a ACL to permit all
>users in certain group (eg. admin) to modify information of all users in
>other group (eg. users). 
>My users and groups stay in different Organization Units, and user
>refers to group through the attribute groupNumber.
>Does anyone have any idea how can I do this?
>André Luís Fogagnoli
>Bastion Security Systems