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ldap_start_tls: Operations err

i started my slapd with
/opt/openldap/current/libexec/slapd -u ldap -g ldap -d 296 -l local6 -h ldaps:/// -f  /etc/depot/openldap/openldap/slapd.conf 

and then i tried to do a search with

/opt/openldap/current/bin/ldapsearch -ZZ -x -v -W -D "uid=test,ou=People,dc=foo,dc=com" "(userid=*)"

and got 

ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )
ldap_start_tls: Operations error (1)
        additional info: TLS already started

i tried to search the faqmatic for that error but couldnt find anything...

if i ommit the ZZ tag then it works...

but i want the ZZ to make sure im talking over secure connection.....does that error means i cant?