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Re: paging in OL 2.1.x branch?

--On Wednesday, April 28, 2004 5:41 PM +0200 denis.havlik@t-mobile.at wrote:

Hi, folks

I'm starting to understand that paging is indeed a VeryGoodThing(TM) even
without sorting - please forget my words about "limited use". :-)

Logical question is: is there any way to tell the server something like
"OK, give me this in small portions" in openLDAP 2.1.x?

        * I know I could explicitely ask for subsets of data on the
client side, I would simply prefer not to do it...
        * I also know that I can set higher limits - in fact, I will for

I presume the answer is "no paging in 2.1 branch", so the next question
    where the line between "general use" and "use that requires stable
release" drawn? That is: what kind of usage is 2.2 branch presumably
(un)suitable for at this moment?

So far, 2.2 has been as stable as 2.1 for me in the areas that I used 2.1 for. I've used some of the new features in 2.2, but not many. One thing I like to regularly do is read through the ITS reports to see what issues others are experiencing. We are using 2.2 on our production servers, and it has worked out just fine.

The main thing I've noticed about 2.2 is a 127% performance increase over 2.1 simply keeping the same configuration. SASL/GSSAPI workings in particular are much faster.


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