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paging in OL 2.1.x branch?

Hi, folks

I'm starting to understand that paging is indeed a VeryGoodThing(TM) even without sorting - please forget my words about "limited use". :-)

Logical question is: is there any way to tell the server something like "OK, give me this in small portions" in openLDAP 2.1.x?

        * I know I could explicitely ask for subsets of data on the client side, I would simply prefer not to do it...
        * I also know that I can set higher limits - in fact, I will for now...

I presume the answer is "no paging in 2.1 branch", so the next question is:
    where the line between "general use" and "use that requires stable release" drawn? That is: what kind of usage is 2.2 branch presumably (un)suitable for at this moment?