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RE: multiple attribute search with single return slowness

>Have you turned up logging (like loglevel 256) in slapd.conf and looked to 
>see if you get index param errors?  That generally means you have the wrong 

I just got it fixed indexing turned out not to be a problem

>I suggest reading:


>about indexes and the cachesize command.

>You also do not list what backend you are using, and how it is configured.


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I read and put in the cachesize as it was missing but saw no speed up, so I re-read the man page again and noticed a second "dbcachesize"
I set these under the database portion of the slapd.conf and my speed went up by 2500% (I am not kidding I do 500 message lookups now in what I could only do 20 messages in the same amount of time before)  I have seen it in the man page a ton of times but I was trusting Red Hat to stick to the defaults (stupid me-this is the 4th major problem I have had on Red Hat ES 3.0)  Anyway thank You for the help its perfect now.

David Blomberg