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Re: proxycache not caching?

At 03:17 AM 4/24/2004, Dieter Kluenter wrote:
>I'm still struggling with proxycache and I'm asking wether there is 
>anybody who has set up a successfull operating proxycache.
>When looking at test020-proxycache, this test only checks for 
>cacheablily and answerability but does not check the real search 
>result, so the successfull result of this test seems not to be 

You're welcomed to submit improvements to the test script.

>The mail archiv shows that there are a few others, having the same 
>problem but received no answer yet.

I don't use this particular piece of code, so I cannot offer
any answers.  But I do recall some confusion over proper
configuration of the backend.  You might review archives of
the -bugs list (I think most of it when there) and -devel
(for pre-release discussions).