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Re: proxycache not caching?

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> writes:

> At 03:17 AM 4/24/2004, Dieter Kluenter wrote:
>>I'm still struggling with proxycache and I'm asking wether there is 
>>anybody who has set up a successfull operating proxycache.
>>When looking at test020-proxycache, this test only checks for 
>>cacheablily and answerability but does not check the real search 
>>result, so the successfull result of this test seems not to be 
> You're welcomed to submit improvements to the test script.
>>The mail archiv shows that there are a few others, having the same 
>>problem but received no answer yet.
> I don't use this particular piece of code, so I cannot offer
> any answers.  But I do recall some confusion over proper
> configuration of the backend.  You might review archives of
> the -bugs list (I think most of it when there) and -devel
> (for pre-release discussions).

I were aware of ITS 3024, but I got it working in the end. My problem
was not a proper configuration, but a proper search string.
Just for the archiv, one has to define the correct scope in the
initial searchstring and maintain this scope in all consecutive
searches. An initial search with no scope definition, thus applying
default scope, will fail on all searches. In my search string it had
to be -s one, -s sub showed the reported behaviour of reporting an
answerable search but not presenting any results. Further the initial
search filter has to be kept and may not be changed, that is a filter
(cn=*bar) can not be changed to (cn=foo bar) in consecutive searches
otherwise one will get the reported behaviour. 


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