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Roadmap (Was: server side sorting & paging?)

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

The roadmap provides an indication of what is reasonable expected
to appear in a future release.  Without knowledge that some
developer is working (or intends to work) on a particular feature,
that feature will not be listed.  The roadmap is not a T0-DO

TO-DO list (http://www.openldap.org/devel/todo.html) does contain:
Implement LDAP sorted search results control

Here at SysNet we consider i18n a priority, and we renew our offer
of committing to its development, at least in the client library.
The options to enable server-side selection of the most appropriate
language for messages to clients have been discussed in the past, so
what's basically required right now is to investigate how to implement
those mechanism in a reasonable manner. To summarize:
- explicit client selection (via specific control/exOp or so to be defined&implemented?)
- guess from preferredLanguage of operation identity
- default set at server configuration (e.g. a server in Italy queried by
anonymous should be configurable to return messages in Italian if there's
no other means to determine what language to use).


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