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Re: server side sorting & paging?

Armbrust, Daniel C. wrote:
> Another way to look at the argument of whether or not the server should
> support sorting, is to ask the question, would you even think about using
> a sql database that didn't support sorting?  I can jump over to MySql
> right now, and given an indexed column, I can pull up 100 sorted results
> from a 10 million row table in a fraction of a second.

Well, pulling 100 results from the OpenLDAP server and sort it on the client side is not the issue. :-) Therefore this kind of comparison is not valid.

The problem is to do the paging in a sorted result set especially when result limits are configured. I see that some server implementations have this feature. But I wonder what happens if really lots of LDAP clients hit this feature. Most LDAP clients simply do not have support for it.

Ciao, Michael.