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Re: Place place to start with user authentication?

At 08:04 AM 4/23/2004, Gavin Henry wrote:
>I have currently been trying to set this up for all Linux user auth.

This topic, in general, is more appropriate for other lists.
OpenLDAP Software, itself, has little to do with Linux user auth
(except for possibly providing access to and/or storing
information in support of applications providing such
services).  For instance, questions about pam_ldap
and nss_ldap should be directed to pamldap@padl.com
and nssldap@padl.com mailing lists, respectively.

>I have gathered from the list that bdb should be used, not ldbm.

Personally, I view back-ldbm is deprecated in favor of back-bdb.

>Are the above guides good to follow? Has anyone got a list of gotchas or any 
>other advise?

For OpenLDAP, by itself, see the Admin Guide and FAQ.

For Linux user authentication, see other works on other sites
supported by other lists.