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Re: slapd: Unrecognized database type (dbd)

I never heard of a 'dbd' database backend for slapd(8).
Likely meant 'bdb' instead...  But as 'bdb' didn't appear
until the 2.1 release series and Stewart's using 2.0,
fixing they typo will have no impact.


At 12:52 PM 4/16/2004, Kirk A. Turner-Rustin wrote:
>On Fri, 16 Apr 2004, Stewart Walker wrote:
>> Redhat ES 3
>> OpenLDAP
>> I'm sure the list has been here before. Was unable to find anything in 
>> the Archives or web except for compile the dbd option in. 
>> I went to the source rpm wasn't able to find any dbd options with  --
>> help. I did find these though..
>Jehan Procaccia has been very kind in maintaining SRPMs that build
>on RedHat Linux for more recent OpenLDAP versions here:
>We are using back-bdb under OL 2.1.25 + BDB 4.2.52 on RedHat 9.0
>built from Jehan's SRPM (with some minor local changes). The SRPM
>included the most recent version of Berkely DB (with 1 patch),
>and the spec file was configured to link BDB statically into the
>slapd binary.
>Also search the archives for posts about problems building OL under
>RedHat Linux, as they may be relevant to you (even if the RedHat
>releases are slightly different).
>Kirk Turner-Rustin
>Information Systems
>Ohio Wesleyan University