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slapd: Unrecognized database type (dbd)

Redhat ES 3

I'm sure the list has been here before. Was unable to find anything in 
the Archives or web except for compile the dbd option in. 

I went to the source rpm wasn't able to find any dbd options with  --
help. I did find these though..

Really appreciate your help.. Thanks

    --enable-ldbm         enable ldbm backend [yes]
    --with-ldbm-api       with LDBM API [auto]
    --with-ldbm-module    module type [static]
    --with-ldbm-type      use LDBM type [auto]

    --enable-sql          enable sql backend [no]
    --with-sql-module     module type [static]

   --enable-ldap         enable ldap backend [no]
              -(@ @)-

Stewart Walker