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Re: Berkeley db package really necessary for openldap??

ons, 14.04.2004 kl. 23.45 skrev Stewart Walker:

> Redhat enterprise 3
> httpd-2.0.46-32
> openldap 2.0.27
> netqmail-1.0.5
> courier-imap-3.0.3
> php-imap-4.3.2-8
> php-ldap-4.3.2-8

I started out in Nov. last with exactly the same

> Tried to install berkeley 4.2.52 but it complains about not having the 
> latest tcl stuff installed. Ran into other dependencies problems 
> installing the latest tcl as tk, gaim and others are using the same libs.

I had absolutely no trouble with this. BUT. Make sure that all *library*
source (Cyrus SASL, BDB 4.5.2, Openssl 0.9.7d) is configured to install
to /usr/local; that way all the source I use (Openldap 2.2.8/2.1.29,
Postfix 2.0.18, Courier IMAP 3.0 etc) only uses the /usr/local libs when
CCARGS, CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS, AUXLIBS etc in the configure or whatever
directly point to these locations. The one exception is Cyrus SASL (I
use 2.1.18) where the libs have to get mixed up with RedHat's 2.1.15 in
/usr/lib/sasl2, but that doesn't seem to matter.

Obviously ld.so.conf/ldconfig/ld.so.cache play their part. On RHEL3 the
self-compiled libs never conflict with RH's own installed libraries,
which have to stay because of multitudes of dependencies. I don't know
why this happens on RHEL3, on 7.2 it was a PITA trying to isolate things
- maybe it's the later GNU tools on RHEL3.

> Have been told to avoid both ldbm and dbm.


> Found the below db's already installed so I'm wondering is it really 
> necessary to install the Berkeley DB stuff?

Definitely. Don't forget the extra patches. My "configure" is:
../dist/configure \
        --disable-largefile - for ext3 FS. I get no barfs about TCL.

> Which one does PHP interface with the best?

Keep to RedHat's 4.1.25. The fewest stock source works with BDB 4.2.52 -
f.ex. it breaks Postfix completely.

> ]# rpm -qa |grep gdbm
> gdbm-devel-1.8.0-20
> gdbm-1.8.0-20
> ]# rpm -qa |grep db4
> db4-devel-4.1.25-8
> db4-utils-4.1.25-8
> db4-4.1.25-8



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