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RE: How to set new paged result limit [WAS] RE: Paged results flakey - and hdb vs bdb

> Ok, so I think I finally got the format figured out for the new limit
> stuff.
> Before my database configuration lines, I have this line:
> Sizelimit	30
> After my database configuration lines, I have this line:
> limits anonymous size.pr=none size.prtotal=none

This is a workaround.  Checkout the new fix.

> Unless I am still messing things up, here is what I have found:
> size.pr=int - works
> size.pr= none - works
> size.pr=noEstimate - works
> size.pr=disabled - doesn't work

This disables the control, i.e. no results are returned, and an error is
issued.  What is the behavior you get?

> size.prtotal=int - works
> size.prtotal=none - doesn't work

This has been fixed few minutes ago.

> I think I'm probably still doing something wrong, however, as I don't
> think I am fully understanding how database hard limits, soft limits,
> and the server limits set by the sizelimit keyword interact.

regular searches:
soft limits: activated if no explicit limit is requested (e.g. -z, -l)
hard limits: activated if explicit limit is request (e.g. -z, -l)
unchecked: based on estimated candidate number (regardless of -z, -l)

hard must be >= soft

paged results: by default uses hard limits; regular hard limits
can be overridden by prtotal.

Same applies to time limits, but apart from hard and soft, other
limits are meaningless.

> Oh, and there seems to be some mistakes in the man page for slapd.conf -
> In the limits section, whenever it talks about what it will do if the
> requested limit exceeds the hard limit, is says:
> If  no  time  limit  is  explicitly
> requested  by  the  client,  the  soft  limit  is  used;  if the
> requested time limit exceeds the hard limit, an is returned.
> I assume that should say "an error is returned"?  This happens in
> multiple places throughout the limits discussion.

I'll check that.  Thanks.

> ps - I'm currently running the code I checked out from HEAD this
> morning.

I fixed the prtotal bug few minutes ago.  Sorry for any inconvenience,
and thanks for testing.


Pierangelo Masarati