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RE: How to set new paged result limit [WAS] RE: Paged results flakey - and hdb vs bdb

Ok, so I think I finally got the format figured out for the new limit stuff.

Before my database configuration lines, I have this line:

Sizelimit	30

After my database configuration lines, I have this line:

limits anonymous size.pr=none size.prtotal=none 

Unless I am still messing things up, here is what I have found:

size.pr=int - works
size.pr= none - works
size.pr=noEstimate - works
size.pr=disabled - doesn't work

size.prtotal=int - works
size.prtotal=none - doesn't work

I think I'm probably still doing something wrong, however, as I don't think I am fully understanding how database hard limits, soft limits, and the server limits set by the sizelimit keyword interact.

Oh, and there seems to be some mistakes in the man page for slapd.conf - In the limits section, whenever it talks about what it will do if the requested limit exceeds the hard limit, is says:

If  no  time  limit  is  explicitly
requested  by  the  client,  the  soft  limit  is  used;  if the
requested time limit exceeds the hard limit, an is returned.

I assume that should say "an error is returned"?  This happens in multiple places throughout the limits discussion.



ps - I'm currently running the code I checked out from HEAD this morning.