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Re: Antwort: MAC OS X clients and OpenLDAP [Virus checked]

To truly know that what ever changes you have made to your LDAP data
are in effect. You should go into the "netinfo" manager and clear your MCX
cache entries then reboot. OS X will look to these cache settings in it's local netinfo database
first before going out to the LDAP server. The MCX cache contains information on known computer list, computers, groups, and users.

Here is some info on Mac OS X client access.


On Wednesday, Apr 14, 2004, at 04:45 US/Pacific, denis.havlik@t-mobile.at wrote:

>I have a strange problem with MAC clients trying to authenticate via LDAP.
>After rebooting MAC it takes some several minutes for the client to be able
>to log in with username and password stored in LDAP.

I have 0 experience with Macs, but I've been trying to use "zeroconf" with Mandrake Linux some time ago, and run in a somewhat similar problem. I believe Macs use "zeroconf" type of DNS resolution per default.

Make sure your Macs actually use a real DNS server for name resolution, and see if the problem goes again.

Obviously I may be completely wrong on this, but it's easy to test...