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Re: Samba3 Schema

Andre Luis Fogagnoli wrote:

I tried to use Samba3 schema in my OpenLDAP, but when I tried to pass a
posixAccount to sambaAccount, using smbpasswd -a <user>, I get this

Failed to initialise SAM_ACCOUNT for user teste.
Failed to modify password entry for user teste

And when I try to add user with smbldap-tools (version come with samba
3.0.2a, I suspect is 0.82), I receive this message.

/usr/local/sbin/smbldap-useradd.pl: unknown group SID not set for unix
group 221 check if your unix group is mapped to an NT group

You should post this on the samba list as it is not related to openldap directly.
However my 2 cents
It does work with phpldapadmin because you are on the ldap side and that's about storing data
and not about referential integrity.
So just make sur that your unix group is properply map to a nt name that is
your windows group should have a rid of (gidnumber * 2) +1001 if it is a *not* a built-in window group

see also the net groupmap command it might help you:
net groupmap list =>list your group mapping
net groupmap add [rid=512]  ntgroup="My NT Group"  unixgroup=myunixgroup
=> to do the mapping
or create a groupmapping with PLA