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RE: Paged results flakey - and hdb vs bdb

> Does that mean that if the sizelimit is 500 in the server  config file,
> I will not be able to page through more than 500 entries, even if my
> page size is 100?
> Or does that mean when I do my search, if I set the size limit on my
> search controls object, it will limit the sum of the pages to that
> limit?
> I hope it is #2 -  that it doesn't limit by the sizelimit in the conf
> file - this would make the sizelimit useless to us - we would have to
> set it insanely high, and then one bad query can knock out the server.
> Currently, we set the conf file limit to a low number, to keep bad
> queries from killing the server, but with paged results, we can still
> iterate across all of the entries in a large query.
> I'll try to find some time today or tomorrow to try out the code in

It means exactly #1; in fact, the admin limit must be intended
as a whole, regardless of how you exploit it.  There is a clean
workaround: if you look at slapd.conf(5) in HEAD, you'll see that
you can set a specific "hard" limit for paged resulst, with the
"size.prtotal" keyword, which determines how big (even unlimited)
the limit should be when the results are paged.  This can be done
for specific client identities, including "anonynous", of course.


Pierangelo Masarati