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RE: Road Map : improved scalability - how to proceed ?

This question may fit - I just tried create a database with slapadd and a 2.1 GB ldif file and all I get is a message saying:
Filename: File to large

This was with 2.2.5 - I'm going to grab the latest openldap now, and try again, in hopes that I don't have to split this file.

So, what exactly is too large?


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Subject: Road Map : improved scalability - how to proceed ?


I just browsed through the openldap roadmap, and noticed that improved
scalability and/or performance is coming up on the horizon sometime soon now
(~3Q2004 ;). I was just wondering, how should we start looking at measuring
and/or improving the scalability of OpenLDAP ? Should we start creating our
own (mini-)benchmarks and scalability tests ? Or should we simply start out
by using something like Mindcraft's DirectoryMark, and see where that leads
us ? Should we do autobuilds regularly, followed by a testbench run and
autopost the results somewhere to see how good we are doing ?

Anyways, any and all ideas are more than welcome here.


John Smith