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Re: slapd and permissions

Well, i would like that users would be able to add or change all objects below 
their "Domains". Where can i get slapd.access of 2.2 (there is only 2.1 on 
openldap.org site).

On Friday 09 of April 2004 15:38, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> OK.  Now you should specify what kind of write access you need and you
> don't get
> with this ACL.  In slapd.acces(5) of 2.2 you'll find a clear description
> of the
> access level you need to each portion of an entry for each operation.
>  You should
> also indicate what identity you're using; you could look at logging with
> level 16 (ACL)
> to see whhere in the ACL check your access fails.
Kostko <kostko@jweb-network.net>