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Converting 2.0.x databases to 2.1.x.. without LDIFs

   I have recently upgraded my linux version, and in
the process openldap went from 2.0.27-2.7.3 to
2.1.22-8. I sadly did not dump my openldap databases
to LDIF beforehand with slapcat (that little system
upgrade detail was lost in the sea of upgrade
information). So now im stuck with 2.0.x gdbm
databases that I need to convert to openldap 2.1

In the quest to make this happen I tried to apply this
2.1 command that appears to be for converting 2.0 gdbm
(But I reserve the right to be very very wrong in that
observation): slapadd-slapd-2.0-gdbm 

slapadd-slapd-2.0-gdbm -d -1 -f
...lots of debugging output...then...
slapadd-slapd-2.0-gdbm startup: initiated.
backend_startup: starting database
=> ldbm_cache_open(
"/var/lib/ldap/test.com/id2entry.gdbm", 18, 600 )
ldbm_cache_open (blksize 4096) (maxids 1022)
(maxindirect 9)
<= ldbm_cache_open (opened 0)
...then it frustratingly hangs and does nothing.

To get it going that far I had to setup all the old
2.0 schemas and conf files.

There is also a slapd_db_upgrade command in openldap
2.1... but It didn't like my 2.0 databases, and
probably was never meant for them. 

Any other ideas VERY much appreciated... my options
are running out. (Some restrictions:
- I can't go back to a 2.0 version (tried that, too
many package dependencies).
- I reinstall the old system, and no access to another



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