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Re: conversion from mozilla to openldap

At 09:23 AM 4/9/2004, Ang, Melissa wrote:
>is it easy to convert a mozilla based ldap program to use openldap api calls? 

Depends.  In some cases, the program may compile without any
changes.  Mozilla and OpenLDAP C LDAP APIs are quite similar
(due not only to a common base code (U-Mich LDAP), but due to
(failed) attempts to standardize client-side APIs).  Of course,
there are some significant differences, so don't be surprised
if you have to do some serious re-coding to convert.

I also note that Mozilla LDAP and OpenLDAP LDAP APIs can both
be installed on your system.  As long as your program uses one
or other, but not both (symbols will clash), there shouldn't
be a problem.