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Re: Another paged result question

Armbrust, Daniel C. wrote:

The paged result response control has a field that returns the result size.

The RFC for paged results says that this may be an estimate - not the real number.  In the openldap implementation, does anyone know if this is an estimate, or is it supposed to be the real number of results?

The reason that I ask is that sometimes it seems to line up perfectly with the actual number of results I get, but other times it doesn't seem to line up. For example, I have had it tell me that there would be 1319099 results, while I only got 728842 results. I didn't get any errors, but given the previously noted flakey behavior of paged searches, I'm wondering if it just skipped some.

In back-bdb (the only backend that implements pagedResults) the estimate is based on the number of candidates; this means that if you search for objectClass=* then it's exact; if you search for some non-indicized attr then it's an estimate. You can count on the fact that the actual number of returned entries will be less than or equal to what predicted.


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