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Re: slapd-ldap meta backend and flat ldap migration

> I did the suffixmassage and see what you mean about the issue with
> Binding.  Do you know the actual rewriterules that suffixmassage uses?

talking of 2.2.8;

rewriteEngine on
# all dataflow from client to server referring to DNs
rewriteContext default
rewriteRule "(.*)<virtualnamingcontext>$" "%1<realnamingcontext>" ":"
# empty filter rule
rewriteContext searchFilter
# all dataflow from server to client
rewriteContext searchResult
rewriteRule "(.*)<realnamingcontext>$" "%1<virtualnamingcontext>" ":"
rewriteContext searchAttrDN alias searchResult
rewriteContext matchedDN alias searchResult

I just committed this description as part of slapd-meta(5)
man page...

> I've been working with the rewriterules for the last several days and
> have gotten binds to work or searches to work but never together.

I insist: if you follow my instructions, you won't be able
to bind any more, unless you define the target where the
entries that must be able to bind as the default target.

This setup will flatten your database, so there will be no
other way to select a specific target for those operations
that need to be able to select exactly one target by simply
looking at the incoming naming context.


Pierangelo Masarati