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slapd-ldap meta backend and flat ldap migration

I'm migrating a poorly configured LDAP (flat with no ou's) to one that has structure. My problem is that several of the applications that use the LDAP can't handle users/groups in ou's. I need an temporary solution so that I can go ahead with migrating the LDAP, without having to wait for the vendors to fix their clients. I've been playing around with slapd-ldap but can't figure out how to do the following.

Here is my structure


When the user "jdoe" logs on the application tries the following
>BIND dn=""
>SRCH base="o=company,c=us" scope=1 filter="(uid=jdoe)"

User jdoe can be in any of the ou's.  So here are some questions
1.  Is there a way to change the search scope with slapd-ldap?
2.  Can I change the base depending on the filter?
3.  Can I use slapd-ldap to completely flatten the ldap?

Thanks, James.