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Re: Q: Heimdal on RedHat

Kirk A. Turner-Rustin wrote:

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Frank Swasey wrote:

I can only state that, with the goal of building slapd without
MIT Kerberos, I tried rebuilding the OpenLDAP source RPM I'm using
(OL 2.1.25 + BDB 4.2.25 + 1 patch -- derived from Jehan's SRPM)

I just put SRPM for 2.2.8 :
but I'am still facing the libraries (lber & ldap) soname verson number problem (cf mails subject "LDAP library version number" in the archives ...)
However, I never played with kerberos yet !.
Let me know if someone end up with a spec file that works smoothly (statically linking BDB at least, and maybe others also ?)

on RedHat 9 using --without-kerberos and failed (according to ldd)
to end up with a Kerberos-free slapd. I started fiddling with lib
paths and pragmas in the spec file but stopped when I saw (as you
have) that I'd have to rebuild other native packages like OpenSSL
and consequently deal with additional package dependencies.

If I want to continue to use RPM to manage my OL installations,
the only course seems to be (1) recursively rebuild and install
dependent packages without MIT Kerberos and with Heimdal, (2) hack
the OpenLDAP SRPM spec file to build from source and statically link
Heimdal and non-MIT versions of OpenSSL et al into the OpenLDAP RPMs,
or (3) live with MIT Kerberos for awhile (until Fedora Core 3?).