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RE: backing up: slapcat vs. ldapsearch vs. db_checkpoint

This is with reference to an earlier discussion

I use ldapsearch to generate an ldif file with the following command

ldapsearch -x -LLL -D "cn=admin1,dc=oclc,dc=org" -W
-b "dc=oclc,dc=org" "(objectClass=*)" '*' '+' > output.ldif

I am planning to use this temporarily as my backup ldif since I cannot bring
down slapd every night to do slapcat. I will use slapadd to reload the bdb.

I notice that the ldapsearch gets two additional operational attributes
subschemaSubentry, hasSubordinates which are not present in the slapcat
output. What is the best way of ignoring these?
If I add these in with slapcat next time I do ldapsearch I get two sets of
subschemaSubentry, hasSubordinates.

Girija Parvate

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