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Re: largest number of ldap records ?

Alan Horn wrote:

I know that theres in theory no limitation on number of ldap records, only
limited by the underlying database and filesystem/filesize limitations.

In practise though, whats the largest known openldap database out there ?

I have an application for which I need to add many (several millions) of
records, and I'm wondering if openldap is the right choice.

LDAP is optimised for fast reads and slow writes, so as long as your app will be reading data often and writing seldom, LDAP would be the right choice.

The best way to see if openldap is going to do the job is to create a test LDAP tree containing as many dummy records as you think you might need (ie in your case several millions). Write a program to populate the database with random data of typical size, and then see what your results will be.

You should be able to see pretty quickly if you run short on disk space, processing power, etc, and you'll be able to plan accordingly.