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Re: Data migration from one openLDAP server to another.

I copy the slapd.conf (making any adjustments for version differences by hand) 
and the schemas to the new box (I diff the schemas with those already on the 
new box just in case of version changes there, but I've never seen any so far) 
and use a perl script that slapcats my master database (which is not used for 
anything except adding records and feeding replicas), pushes the ldif over to 
the new one, and slapadds it there.  In order for the script to work I have to 
drop an ssh key into the new hosts's /root/.ssh/authorized_keys, but the script 
also checks file and directory permissions etc. so it still saves me time.

I put local LDAP and DNS slave servers on all my multi-user hosts, to optimize 
fault tolerance and use of bandwidth, so I do this fairly often.


On 5 Apr 2004 at 10:51, Pandey, Vishal wrote:

> Merry Monday folks,
> Has anoyone ever migrated data from openLDAP server to another machine? 
> We are just building new boxes at work and so the old openLDAP redHAT 9
> server is being replaced by a new Fedora box. Just a short summary on what
> all to move over and any handy tips would be appreciated if anyone has been
> through the process. 
> Thanks a bunch
> chill
> Vish