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Re: Advice on structure of ou=Servers

This topic would be more appropriately discussed in a
general LDAP forum such as ldap@umich.edu.  It's off
topic here (as it not specific to OpenLDAP Software).

At 08:46 AM 4/5/2004, Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
>Just looking for advice on whether the entries below should present any
>problems or how better to structure Servers in LDAP. The objective here
>is to have servers, then the services each server runs. Keeping in mind
>that I am planning to move DNS into the LDAP server sometime in the
>future. Is there an RFC standard on LDAP structures of different types
>or just the protocol itself? I put userPassword attribute on the device
>because I need to use for authentication to IMAP, etc. From experience,
>do you think I'll need this attribute better on the service host?
>dn: ou=Servers,dc=webtent,dc=net
>objectClass: top
>objectClass: organizationalUnit
>ou: Servers
>dn: cn=esmtp.webtent.net,ou=Servers,dc=webtent,dc=net
>objectClass: top
>objectClass: device
>objectClass: simpleSecurityObject
>cn: esmtp.webtent.net
>ou: Servers
>o: WebTent Networking, Inc.
>l: Tampa
>description: SuperMicro RAID-5 Dual 2.8Mhz Xeon Processors
>userPassword: whatever
>dn: cn=ESMTP,cn=esmtp.webtent.net,ou=Servers,dc=webtent,dc=net
>objectClass: top
>objectClass: ipService
>objectClass: ipHost
>cn: ESMTP
>l: Tampa
>description: Postfix ESMTP mail service
>manager: cn=Robert Fitzpatrick,ou=People,dc=webtent,dc=net
>ipServicePort: 25
>ipServiceProtocol: SMTP