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Re: Auxillary objectClass

Robert Fitzpatrick writes:
> Can someone tell me what am I am doing wrong here, how do I enter
> auxillary objectClasses?

Nothing wrong with entering auxillary object classes like you did.  But
like the error message said, you also need a structural object class.
This says what kind of entity the entry represents.  Maybe
'organizationalUnit' or 'organization' would fit (along with the 'ou' or
'o' attribute which that requires).

> Can someone point me to this info in the FAQ or some other doc?

I use the LDAP standard:-)

> Contents of servers.ldif:
> dn: dc=esmtp, dc=webtent, dc=net
> dc: esmtp

You also need an objectclass which allows 'dc'.  Usually 'dcObject'.

> ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
>         additional info: no structural object class provided