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How to make slapd talk to saslauthd

Hello everyone,

I know that userPassword: {SASL} is frowned upon and highly discouraged (and
before anyone tries to make the connection, no it is not part of my memory
problem from the other email b/c I haven't started this testing on that
particular set of boxes).

I can run saslauthd in debug mode and see that testsaslauthd communicates
with it just fine.  And I've setup the slapd.conf with pwcheck_method:
saslauthd in /usr/lib/sasl2, but when running slapd and trying to do a
search using simple binds, I do not see slapd communicating with saslauthd
and I get an invalid credentials error.

I know Denis had some ideas but I tried those and they didn't work either.
Anyone else have any ideas how to get slapd communicating with saslauthd?
Is there a way for me to check if this feature compiled correctly?  (I do
know that SASL/GSSAPI binds work just fine).

-- DK