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RE: indexing all attributes

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> I see many posts untitled "retrieving information from ldap
> is terrible
> slow, what should I do?" answered "You should index this and this and
> which attributes You are using" and so on.
> Generally I'm going to "use" (read, search) almost all
> attributes - that's
> why I keep objects in LDAP to use their attributes, isn't it?
> Well, maybe
> except passwords (which are not to be searched by
> understandable reasons),
> why should I not index ALL attributes? Is indexing so resource-hungry,
> that it's worth to consider which attributes are using mostly etc. ?

Go ahead and try it for yourself and see. Whenever you're skeptical of the
available information, nothing beats personal experience to determine the
actual truth.

> I'm going to set up LDAP 2.1.26 on 2,6Ghz P4, 1GB RAM with
> some replicas

Replication is broken in 2.1.26.

> (at least one fully synchronized), count of all entries
> should stay below
> 10 000 including vhosts, aliases, dns, accounts, samba etc.
> So what's about indexing everything :-) ?
> Regards
> P.

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