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indexing all attributes

I see many posts untitled "retrieving information from ldap is terrible
slow, what should I do?" answered "You should index this and this and
which attributes You are using" and so on.

Generally I'm going to "use" (read, search) almost all attributes - that's
why I keep objects in LDAP to use their attributes, isn't it? Well, maybe
except passwords (which are not to be searched by understandable reasons),
why should I not index ALL attributes? Is indexing so resource-hungry,
that it's worth to consider which attributes are using mostly etc. ?
I'm going to set up LDAP 2.1.26 on 2,6Ghz P4, 1GB RAM with some replicas
(at least one fully synchronized), count of all entries should stay below
10 000 including vhosts, aliases, dns, accounts, samba etc. 
So what's about indexing everything :-) ?