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Re: Modifying entries takes ages, slurpd consumes much cpu time, replication way behind (2nd try)


Andreas Rother <rother-ml@gmx.de> writes:

> I have three OpenLDAP servers (all 2.1.29 with db- in my
> environment. The master server (SLES8) feeds the two slaves (Redhat
> ES3). I had replication problems with previous versions of OpenLDAP,
> so I upgrade to 2.1.29 and start a shell script that adds one hundred
> attributes to a specific user using ldapmodify. All ldap servers run
> with debuglevel 65535.
> That script runs over 30 minutes and terminates with the error message:
> ---
> modifying entry "uid=arother,ou=people,ou=preprod,o=company,c=de"
> ldapmodify: update failed: uid=arother,ou=people,ou=preprod,o=company,c=de
> ldap_modify: Internal (implementation specific) error (80)
>        additional info: commit failed

Your debuglevel is consuming much of the load. The configuration of
bdb has a great influence on writing, reading and replication, so just
setup a DB_CONFIG that meets your requirements.


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