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Re: threading

--On Tuesday, March 30, 2004 9:13 AM +0200 Piotr Wadas <pwadas@jewish.org.pl> wrote:

I have some information from my colleagues taking care of
2.1.25 openldap in big company, they have rh-fc1/rh-el with about 15 000
users plus domains and email addresses in OpenLDAP (2xXeon, 2GB RAM). So,
they say there're some problems with threading which sometimes cause some
instances to segfault, especially with keeping two instances synchronized.

Can someone comment this? I'm going to use about 5000 entries with P4
2.6Ghz, 512 RAM, and similar environment - mail aliases, domains, users
and webservers configuration (except I'm gonna use 2.1.26 and
Debian). Should I expect such problems?

And, if someone knows, what's the stage of new series of OpenLDAP
(2.2.x) ? Is it really to buggy to use it with production? There's big
count difference between version of last stable and progress version.

I had threading problems using RH9 and OpenLDAP. I've found Solaris 8 threading to be extremely reliable. I found Solaris 9 threading to cause massive problems. I'm currently testing Debian. So I suggest a lot of testing to see how the threads are handled in a particular OS.


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