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Re: openldap and AD with sfu

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Ang, Melissa wrote:

> hello all,
> :D I would like to find out if I could use the openldap as the client 
> and connect to the AD? Do I need an SFU (services with unix) with that? 
> I read somewhere that I need to install AD4unix but I don't think its 
> available anymore. I don't want to install needlessly. 

It would help more if you told us what you are trying to accomplish. For 
instance, if you want to authenticate unix clients to Active Directory, or 
authenticate clients of unix services to Active Directory, a better 
solution may be to use samba-3.0.x and winbind.

Of course, discussion of samba and winbind would not be appropriate for 
this list.