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work with openLDAP

I have just emerged openldap.

But i cannot understand how to config and use it .

The only operation i have done was:

edit the slapd.conf

change dc=my-domain,dc=com to dc=hartt,dc=realss


ldapadd -x -D "cn=Manager,dc=hartt,dc=realss" -W -f hartt.ldif

the code of hartt.ldif was follow:

dn: dc=hartt,dc=realss
bjectclass: dcObject
objectclass: organization
o: Example Company
dc: hartt

dn: cn=Manager,dc=hartt,dc=realss
objectclass: organizationalRole
cn: Manager

That's the whole things i could do ,

I want to know how to add a user, or other things.

I want to know how to set the passwords

I want to know how to work with it .

I have read almost the documents in the www.openldap.org <http://www.openldap.org>

but i cannot avoid it now .

I was too stupid to understand the manual.

anybody who could help me ??

Thanks in advance!

gentoo 2004.0

openLDAP 2.1.23