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Re: openldap and AD with sfu

At 11:13 AM 3/29/2004, Ang, Melissa wrote:

>hello all,
>:D I would like to find out if I could use the openldap as the client and connect to the AD?

OpenLDAP Software contains a few basic clients: ldapsearch(1),
ldapmodify(1), etc..  They talk LDAP and can connect to AD as
so much as it can talk LDAP.

However, be clear that many clients might use OpenLDAP Software
(e.g., our libraries) but are not OpenLDAP Software, or be designed
to work with the OpenLDAP server but are not OpenLDAP Software.

Whether any of these clients works with AD is a question you have
to ask in respect to the particular clients you are interested in.
Those questions should be directed to forums supporting those
particular clients (this list is for discussing use of OpenLDAP

>Do I need an SFU (services with unix) with that?

I don't believe openldap clients (ldapsearch(1), etc.) have any
dependencies on SFU.

>I read somewhere that I need to install AD4unix but I don't think its available anymore. I don't want to install needlessly. 

Openldap clients (again, ldapsearch(1), etc.) talk LDAP.
I don't know what AD4unix is, but I suspect it does enable
AD's ability to talk LDAP.  AD4unix might have an impact
on what information is communicated via LDAP, but as OpenLDAP
clients are information-neutral, that doesn't matter to
OpenLDAP clients.  It might however matter to other LDAP
clients, but again, that's another topic (one which is
generally not for this list).