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Re: openldap and AD with sfu

>>>>> "Kurt" == Kurt D Zeilenga <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> writes:

    >> Do I need an SFU (services with unix) with that?

    Kurt> I don't believe openldap clients (ldapsearch(1), etc.) have
    Kurt> any dependencies on SFU.

SFU is 'only' needed if you want to authenticate UNIX machines to
an AD...

    >> I read somewhere that I need to install AD4unix but I don't
    >> think its available anymore. I don't want to install
    >> needlessly.

    Kurt> Openldap clients (again, ldapsearch(1), etc.) talk LDAP.  I
    Kurt> don't know what AD4unix is, but I suspect it does enable
    Kurt> AD's ability to talk LDAP.

AD4UNIX modifies the AD schema and database, giving the option to
use the 'posixAccount' objectclass with your users, which is nessesary
for UNIX authentication...

Unfortunatly, as said, AD4UNIX isn't availible any more (I think I have
a copy somewhere). The good thing is that you don't need it with newer
AD's/SFU, it comes 'built in'.