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Re: anonymous bind

fre, 26.03.2004 kl. 11.30 skrev Jorge Ruão:

> I’ve OpenLDAP 2.1.25 working with OpenSSL. I’m only using the port 636
> for communication.
> In ldap.conf I need to set the binddn and the bindpw for the system to
> authenticate correctly, without setting the rootbinddn.
> I’d rather prefer using the rootbinddn with the password in
> ldap.secret, but it only works correctly if I use binddn and bindpw.
> Anyone knows what could be missing here?

You're mixing up padl's ldap.conf with Openldap's ldap.conf. You posted
to the padl nss_ldap list too, slightly differently and got a partly
right, partly wrong answer. Perhaps you'd like to continue the thread
either on that list, or preferably on padl's pam_ldap list, since that
is where it belongs. If I were to answer at all, you would have to give
your OS, distro, plus exactly what you are trying to do ("the system to
authenticate correctly" is not enough).




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